Four mistakes to avoid with your camera

Cameras are extremely sensitive tools. Through ignorance or inadvertence, small but damaging mistakes are made with these cameras by third parties or by the photographers themselves. Here are four of the mistakes that should be avoided at all costs in the future.

Forgetting the battery in the charger

Most of the time, travel is a time of relaxation for the photographer. During the journey, you probably tell yourself that once you arrive at the hotel, you will put the camera’s battery on charge until the next morning. But the next day, in a hurry, you pack your camera bag and forget to remove the battery from its charger. Yes, this can happen to anyone, but there is a danger in sight. Gradually, the battery loses power and you will be forced to change it if you are not careful.

Charging the battery when empty

It is a common habit to charge your camera battery only when it is completely empty. Unfortunately, some camera models do not allow you to properly recognize the battery’s charge level. For this reason, take advantage of every opportunity to charge your batteries even if they are not empty. Especially when you are in a region where access to electricity is difficult.

Dropping your camera

Everyone knows that dropping your camera is dangerous. However, this is still a mistake. Although some drops have no serious consequences for your camera, others can be fatal. To avoid this, always check that the camera bag is securely closed.

Carrying the camera in a non-waterproof bag

Rain can happen anywhere and at any time. If the bag in which your equipment is stored is not waterproof, you are at risk. As you know, water and cameras do not mix well. If you want to choose a carrying bag, make sure it is waterproof. This is important for the safety of your work tool.