What are the tips for choosing the right lens ?

A camera is a working tool that is made up of several elements, including the lens. The clarity and sharpness of the images that will be taken by this camera also and above all depend on the lens. The choice of lens is therefore a matter that deserves careful consideration. This article suggests some questions you should ask yourself before making your choice.

Which lens for which subject to photograph?

Before choosing a lens for your camera, you should first ask yourself what your favourite subjects are. Is it to take pictures of buildings, people, or landscapes? Of course there are multi-purpose lenses that can be used for all subjects, but others are more specific. So, the first criterion is your favourite subject. Above all, don’t rule out any possibility and, depending on your needs, start by eliminating one by one, according to the strictest criteria, the lenses that do not correspond to your expectations or your chosen themes.

Which focal length to choose?

Speaking of technical criteria, the first is the focal length. This is often expressed in millimetres (mm). In fact, there are generally three types of focal lengths: short focal length, long focal length and standard focal length. A short focal length (12-35 mm) allows you to take pictures from a wide angle. It is suitable for landscape photography. A long focal length (over 85 mm) allows you to take pictures from a long distance. It is ideal for taking pictures of animals or sports. On the other hand, to take a portrait of a person, a standard focal length is what is needed. This is because it gives a better rendition of facial features. This is why it is essential to define your themes and subjects of photography.

Fixed or zoom lens?

In photography, lenses fall into two main categories: zoom lenses and fixed focal lengths. A fixed focal length lens is a lens that has a single focal length. A zoom lens covers a (variable) focal length range. Both have interesting advantages when it comes to taking pictures.